All of our coffee is independently sourced to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards.

We work with award winning coffee suppliers Union Coffee to create our house blend as well as rotating seasonal alternatives.

Every cup is freshly ground on site and prepared by trained baristas.

All of our coffee growers are paid a premium above fair trade rates, always. For more information see Direct Trade below. 

Bright Note Blend

Bright Note is a blend created from Candelaria, Guatemala and Fazendas Bobolink, Brazil. This blend is a light roast to develop the caramel sweetness and notes of sweet sugar coated peanuts, vanilla and churned butter. The finish is cocoa balanced with a hint of fruit. To maintain the consistent flavour profile of Bright Note throughout the year we adjust our recipe selecting our fresh new season arrivals from Finca Candelaria.

What is Direct Trade?

There are three key quality characteristics of Direct Trade. We believe the direct sourcing approach improves and impacts across all these elements:

Quality of coffee:

• 100% high quality altitude grown coffee

• Quality Price Incentive: Selection of outstanding coffee, scoring SCAA 84+sensory scale

• Exemplary Quality: Producers earn additional premium for cup score SCAA 88+ sensory scale

Quality of life:

• Producer Commitment to Union Code of Conduct for Ethical Sourcing 

• Sustainable Prices Paid: Producer receives 25% above International Fairtrade minimum price

• Transparency throughout the supply chain including confirmation received by small scale farmers and workers

Quality of business:

• Buyer commitment: We demonstrate an intent to develop long-term relationships extending to multiyear purchases

• Pro-active involvement: Union visit producers 'on the ground' within 12-24 month periods to monitor quality, provide feedback and discuss business goals

• A structural approach: sustainable prices allow producers to plan their future

What is the difference between Fairtrade and Direct Trade?

Fairtrade is a third party accreditation system. It includes important components of sustainable trade such as pre-finance and a guaranteed minimum price. 

However there is a lack of connection to quality in Fairtrade.

Direct Trade goes beyond Fairtrade to provide, in our view, premiums anchored around true coffee quality and pricing.